Dental Practice Advice-Here’s a few things CE course providers are NOT going to share with you.

dental practice advice

In the dental practice advice category so far, we’ve covered, trade journals and major meetings.

Now let’s talk about clinical “CE” courses.  [Once again, if there is no direct hands on surgery or lab work of some kind to be imparted with you touching a patient or a physical model, it’s time to break your habit.  I’m sure you can find other more pressing things to do with the time and money!]

While “positioned” as clinical education, in MOST cases, this education is underwritten by a manufacturer or supply house related to the program of study.  If you go to a TMJ seminar, guess what, there’s going to be makers of various gadgets and x-ray machines.   It is NOT by chance.

Take a critical look at everything provided, presented, and inferred at your next clinical CE course.   There’s almost always a check being written that you aren’t aware of. My dental practice advice to members is be very aware of what goes on around you at the next course.

Ironically, the more one pays for the course, the more intimately it is tied to a 3rd party the material will be.   The supplier/manufacturer loves pre-qualified buyers and when a clinician forks over $5K to attend a course he or she has done just that!

Are you seeing an over-riding theme here?  If not, take my dental practice advice and best go back a few weeks and review.

Beyond the repeating theme, the reality is that all of the parties have one goal in common (be it intentional or not), and that is to keep you in the dark on one of the biggest “secrets” in dentistry which I’ll cover next week…

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