Dental Practice Advice and the Reality of Change

Dental practice advice

Here is some dental practice advice……..embrace change and make changes in your dental practice !

I love change and have set up my business and my home life to accommodate it because it’s the only variable in life we can count on as being consistent!

Change comes in 2 forms: Welcome and Unwelcome

Often times, it’s the “unwelcome” kind that creates the most growth because it suddenly it is do or die, sink or swim, starve or feast, or grow or contract.

Some people can manage change well but most people cannot.

If you are one of the latter, you can manage how you deal with change for the better.  The following experiment can have huge impacts on yourself and your practice if you commit to it.

For a month, do virtually everything differently.

When possible, walk (or bike) instead of driving.
Use your non-dominate hand to brush your teeth.
Do your grocery store shopping at a different store.
Write a letter  or note to a friend who usually only receives emails from you.
If you usually stay home on weekends, go out and do something. If you go out, stay home.
If you are an introvert, make eye contact and say hello to at least one complete stranger a day.
If you are a social butterfly, try being silent and doing more listening and observing of the behavior of others.
Drastically change your diet for a week or give up TV (or Facebook!) for a month.

By now you’re probably seeing a pattern, yes?

Change is good.  It creates unforeseen by-products and that’s where the magic happens.  Serendipity strikes.

If you are still selling like 95% of the profession, it’s time you change that too.  It only requires 6 months.
Take some of my dental practice advice from my #1 best selling book on Amazon and the changes will be easy for you. Same amount of time that you expect many of your patients to “recall” to your practice except in your case this change in selling will impact your practice positively and permanently for as long as you choose to continue.  For many, this change buys them added years of enjoyable practice because they get to do more of what they want. If you are serious about applying yourself to changing your practice in a positive manner check out The McAnally Selling System and you will never look back.