Dental Practice Advice-You Screwed Up So Now What Happens? Do you have a strategy ?

Advice from Truman

Dental schools do not teach you strategies or give advice on how to deal with unpleasant surprises in your practice. You screw up, people are angry, now what? You should have a strategy for dealing with situations like this. Our members are give solid and proven advice which helps them in such situations.

Harry Truman liked the saying “the buck stops here.”  The phrase originated from the wild west and gambling habits but by the time Truman latched onto it, the meaning was that ultimately he  was the decider and had a strategy when dealing with the responsibility for his decisions.

Of course for Truman, the ultimate buck stop, was ordering two nuclear bombs to be dropped to help end WWII. Fortunately, none of us are likely to wrestle with that kind of a decision to stop the buck.  However, as a business owner you still decide where it stops and deal with outcomes.

One of these realities is that there is no way that any of us are always right or don’t make mistakes.  You and your team make them and will continue to make them. We advise our members and school them with strategies that will help them in any unpleasant situations.

Admitting mistakes and then correcting them is a massively underutilized “secret” success tool in the age of deniability.  Everyone knows that mistakes are made and in study after study people often and routinely forgive and forget when apologies are made and whatever was wrong is corrected. All dental practices should have strategies that will help in these unpleasant times.

Instead of running away from it how about this instead:

“I know you must be upset and I’m sure it wouldn’t do any good explaining what happened. I imagine you’ve made up your mind never to see me as you dentist again.”

“Mary, if you were in my shoes, what would you do to make things right?”

Another “secret” is to have well thought out consents and “handling surprises” documents related to every procedure you do.  Surprises during treatment are seen as mistakes.  Forecast-ed potential outcomes are seen as a sign of a real professional. Graduates of the McAnally Selling System have access to 200 such documents that remove headaches, hassles, and prevent surprises.

As always, step one to get access starts with ethical selling….You can start by checking out my book on Amazon..….So…’s the buck passing going in your business?