What scares dental patients and NOT just on Halloween-some dental practice advice

dental practice advice

Since Halloween is upon us. I thought it perfect timing to impart some dental practice advice and discuss a few of the things that scare dental patients all year round.

I’m not saying that they literally scream with terror (although there are certainly some very anxious folks in the population who without sedation are in that category), or even express what they find disappointing about interactions, but when enough of these boo-hickeys are present they aren’t going to stay around long, tell others, or more importantly write good reviews.


*SPOOKY Technical dental photos on the walls or website. Blood!

*BONE JARRING In your face/confrontational case presentations

*CREEPY overly personal conversation

*SPOOKY sarcasm from doctor or team

*SWEAT INDUCING pain of any kind.

*SPELLBOUNDING PREACHING on topics (dental or non-dental), instead of caring.

*GRIM REAPER scare tactics/puffery without grounding in science. There are ways to communicate loss correctly.

*FREAKISH Non-Stop voice mails left to patients who miss appointments are who haven’t been into the office in a while

*ZOMBIE staff

Doctor/team intent and what patients think and feel or two different matters. Guess which matters more?!? If there’s chance intent can be misconstrued, it’s likely that it will be. Take my dental practice advice and make sure you eliminate obstacles that will blow up cases and chase patients away.


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