Dental Practice Advice-Money, Needs, Wants, and Happiness.

Money and Dental Practice Advice………Here are a few tidbits………..

You need it to live… and we’ve all heard, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

If that was the only story, why would anyone spend so much time making it?

…and why is it hard for too many to engineer their week to earn it in a set period of hours and then take a half or full day of 100% away time from the practice to recover one’s energy?

…and since we can only keep what’s left after all our business expenses and taxes, why is there so much foolish behavior with how it gets spent, especially when we really do reach ages where we must know better?

Take my dental practice advice and if you spend too much, do whatever it takes to curb your spending.

Get on the same page about money with your other half.

Find out what’s behind the spending.  Tracking is 50% of the battle. is FREE.  If serious credit card debt is involved get professional help!

NEEDS versus WANTS are entirely different things.  Patients have both and all of us have both.  Being clear about what’s in each category make very real differences in how the dough is eaten up.

For example, a new Ford Explorer is pretty much a Range Rover for 1/3 of the price.  Plus less insurance, plus better mileage, plus lower maintenance costs.

Retailers ALWAYS put clothes on sale.  Why bother with full price?

Is Nordstrom’s REALLY that much “better” than Macy’s?

Eating out and eating meat out all the time is rotten for your health.  In most market’s you can have someone cook vegetarian for you for the same price as groceries and for much less than take-out or restaurant fare.

Here is some dental practice advice that few dentists don’t even know…Every dollar you don’t spend at home is about 4 dollars you won’t have to make at the practice.

Most would agree that one BIG goal in life is to simply be happy, so why not save yourself a lot of time, stress, and work by making happiness more important than acquiring stuff?

A fun way to broach this entire subject with family is by watching the movie “The Joneses.”  It’s consumerism taken to the extreme (with lots of laughs) and I have little doubt that the moral of the story will resonate with you too!

To learn more about how to earn more money but have more free time and happiness, check out my book on Amazon.  You can also visit my website where all my dentist members have gone above and beyond their expectations based on my one of a kind ethical selling sales system.