Selling and Financial Controls in Dental Practice Management

dental practicee management

In dental practice management-did you know that embezzlement continues to be an issue for practices for far more dental practices than necessary?

At least once a year, a high performing client producing and collecting a lot winds up getting a major surprise related to money that’s been siphoned off from the practice.  Usually, it’s after several years has passed making the pain even worse. If they had dental practice management systems in place this would never have happened.

The common take home messages from these instances over the years is that:

1)  In the vast majority of cases, embezzlement is a theft of opportunity.  If there had been no opportunity, that employee would never have taken a step in the wrong direction. Proven systems being in place through proper dental practice management would prevent the wrong steps being made. You can read more about the systems in my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

2)  Unless you have a great accountant or invested in decent consulting, it’s very unlikely that anyone has shared with you the best “secrets” to maintaining financial controls and the proper dental practice management skills that eliminate all embezzlement opportunities.

As part of the brand new training in The McAnally Selling System, the absolute best internet-age financial controls (yes, exact and specific administrative structure and steps) are being provided to those in the training program.

Is this really a necessary part of high level, ethical selling or in any way related to presenting cases?  No, but after seeing too many hard working dentists, I felt this was important enough to revisit.  It’s also important to point out that embezzlement ultimately affects the honest team members too through their pay raises and retirement accounts.