Dental Practice Management-Are you attending high end courses?

dental practice management

My dental practice management advice to members is: If you are attending any of the following courses you can use the knowledge you are learning to help pay for these advanced courses………….

Are you attending Kois, Pankey, LVI, Scottsdale, or Spear Courses?

Familiar names.  Some of the best courses on the planet.  Attended by the best dentists on the planet.

One of the great things about advanced CE is that it can open an entirely new door for what you can accomplish as a clinician both in helping patients and in your level of professional satisfaction.

5-10% of the profession pursues significant advanced education, maybe you are one of them or maybe you have the dream to do so and plan to start doing just that in the coming year. In dental practice management it is difficult to resolve the time spent on the course plus the enormous expense to acquire the skills to bring back to the practice so that you can help more patients and achieve higher case acceptance.

One challenge clinician’s face is how to pay for that time, travel, and tuition.  A “complete” series of courses in these programs can easily be $50K-$100K once true costs are factored in.

One poorly understood avenue to do this (be compensated while you learn) is to market for patients that need the services you are learning—teaching cases.   Dental schools do it to support their programs and the astute clinician can do it to support his or her advanced CE. Once you are specialized in a niche following your course you may like to read my #1 best selling book on Amazon, which will help you advertise your new skills and attract bigger and better cases.

For doctors completing the 6 session training in The McAnally Selling System-my team and I will give you specific guidelines on how to market (and sell) teaching cases that fully support your training.