Dental Practice Marketing of Fountain of Youth™ Denture and What Sells Itself

I’m just back from a visit to Dr. Rod Strickland’s hands-on Fountain of Youth™ Denture course in Savannah, Georgia and realize that in dental practice marketing of these dentures sell themselves…….

This technique when 1) clinically performed well, 2) marketed well, and 3) sold astutely (all three are a MUST) is a true category killer.

This ONE procedure could support an entire very low overhead minimalist style practice–once again if 1, 2, and 3 are all present in the dental practice marketing of them.

What I mean by minimal is 1 Doctor plus 2 staff. (1 of the staff doing nothing besides answering the phone, selling, and taking cash/checks/swiping plastic).

His course has been selling out for a long time with many approaching him to take it on the road, make it HUGE at one of the teaching facilities out west, etc. but Savannah is a nice place in all respects so why bother making it complicated.   As word continues to spread, he can simply increase the fee to match demand. After seeing the presentation, Rod’s course is easily “worth” 50-100% more than the fee he currently charges.

Even for our Academy Member doctor’s who already understand and perform a good esthetic removable procedure, I’m recommending that they ALL take this course not only to potentially improve upon their technique but to gain the right to use Rod’s trademarked process as a very unique positioning tool in the marketplace and in their dental practice marketing strategies.

Using what they’ve learned in our Programs ,the McAnally selling system, they can out-market and out-sell any competitor (and help far more patients than their competitors) with access to Rod’s MESSAGE.

The clinical concept is simple: get your vertical and centric correct, really understand anterior denture esthetics, add in some physiologic concepts related to musculature, ridge change with time, set the framework for success with patient management, break a few “sacred cows” of classic denture teaching along the way, while charging an appropriate fee and you have a wonderful procedure not just for denture patients silently suffering in misery but a winner for the economics in the practice no matter how you view production.

Most dentists give up on removable prosthetics shortly after graduation simply because the technique taught in dental schools is outdated and doesn’t work.

Been in those shoes. My a-ha moment came via a West Coast teaching course put on by Geneva dental in the 90’s that changed how I looked at removable for my entire practice career but I digress…..

In Savannah, I gave a brief introduction of what we do at the Master Dentists Academy and BCM, specifically with making sure the practice is equipped to do this kind of advanced procedure especially when it comes to ethically selling. The truth even more so in today’s economy is that “dentistry (especially things that aren’t free) doesn’t sell itself.”

[FYI: For those going through Rod’s course who also take our online training in ethical selling, they get some special attention from me over all his other attendees for how to market the procedure and they get direct tools and directions, how to’s etc…..]

Here’s the harsh truth for most of those who sojourned to Georgia for the course.

Without direct modification in the state of affairs related to selling in the practice MOST won’t be doing many (or any)Fountain of Youth™ Denture procedures, since those cases (the chorus again) really won’t sell themselves. Even those who do find a few of cases will still have significant problems with creating the selling steps to get fee’s of $7K, $10K, $14K, or $19K depending on the patient’s situation/needs/wants.

Rod shares with attending doctors what he does with marketing/selling for a few hours during the weekend–the problem with that kind of teaching of marketing/selling is that it’s like Picasso trying to explain how he learned to paint. It’s impossible to recount 20 years of learning and trial and error in a few minutes. He can describe the gestalt or whole but not the hundreds of steps/do’s/don’t s that go into where he stands today selling his cases. With clinical dentistry, we all have a foundation that allows us wit a few hours of lecture to reasonably duplicate what was conveyed (as long as you do the procedure fairly soon afterwards!). With the non-clinical, there’s minimal or zero foundation so an hour or two of marketing/selling at a clinical lectures is akin to trying to learn mandarin in an afternoon. Not going to happen…..

Some more observations for you to learn from at this course include:

NONE in the course were new to advanced training. They’ve been to a lot of courses improving their clinical skills and the majority admit/agree that they have a harder time selling beyond the insurance limit or some really low ceiling just above that ($5K being a fairly common limit).

Sound familiar? Probably.

90% of those attending were there to create revenue from the procedure (as wish)–they have and are getting all the training—BUT….most can’t (won’t) do anything beyond learning the clinical steps taught to actually make that desire reality.

BIG DISCONNECT from what’s required on the steps outside of the clinical procedure to make the wishes (more profit) into reality (dental practice marketing/selling something that no one else in my location has–this particular method of denture).

The sad thing is the missing pieces of the puzzle related to elective procedures are KNOWN and can be predictably dispensed anywhere on the planet thanks to the internet.

We do it with BOTH marketing and with ethical selling via online distribution so there is simply no excuse. You still have to travel for Rod’s training–you don’t need to travel for any of our training or strategies. Simply plug-in. Run ads.  Get calls. Do more of the dentistry you enjoy.

Sell your dentistry by a systematic set of steps and patients choose better and you are more efficient with your time.  Everyone wins….

My last thought on Fountain of Youth™ Dentures is this–it’s one of the rare procedures (the others being certain types of implants, certain types of ortho, and certain types of sedation) that create enough of a unique message to allow you to find those who NEED, WANT, HAVE means or will FIND means for this type of dentistry (at whatever fee you would like) to carry the practice through all economic uncertainty which includes the current state where the average value in the workplace of most patients you serve and traditionally have served is going down and as a result buying less of a lot of stuff (including dentistry).

In the meantime, check our Dr. Strickland’s course. The next one is probably already sold out.

In the meantime, get going with at least online training in how to ethically sell because, make no bones about it, your future, like it or not, does directly depend on whether the message of selling better is taken to heart.  Is it?