Dental Practice Marketing-Why it is so different

Dental Practice Marketing

In Dental Practice Marketing,  learn here how to create  your niche to ethically sell your favorite dentistry.

Ethically sell to patients wanting your best services.

You can spend thousands monthly on advertising with lackluster results. Our proven selling (dental case acceptance) system is an ethical, step-by-step process to close large niche cases (implants, Cerec, reconstructions, cosmetics, fast ortho, etc.) and improve total advertising returns by 25% or more. Elite clinicians gain control of their time, increase satisfaction levels, and make a difference in more patient’s lives. Whether you want a 2, 4, 6, or 8 million dollar practice, The McAnally Selling System for best dental case acceptance is the gateway to your practice dreams. Learn about Dental Practice Marketing and how to attract and help patients who need your help.

This unique, step-by-step check-list system for ethical selling (case acceptance) increases profits while increasing the total number of big cases you treat. Be you a generalist with specialty skills or board certified specialist, money isn’t your only motivation. But, the opportunity to make more while doing good with the cases you really enjoy and while reducing workload and hours are all big pluses.

Is ClearChoice, Aspen Dental, Heartland, or Ion in your market? If so, there’s good news. Licensing and dental case acceptance program enrollment is prohibited for all chains. Highly trained clinicians can choose to have major advantages in dental practice marketing and selling at full fees over these sworn enemies of the independent dentist. If you compete with these or others, the System is your best defense to protect your practice.

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