Dental Practice Marketing-The Specifics of Closing Large Fee Cases

Dental Practice Marketing

Are you applying dental practice marketing as a business owner in your practice ? Most likely you are not and you are losing out and missing many patients who could use your clinical skills.

Attracting and closing larger fee-for-service cases combines the science of marketing and the science of influencing human behavior and decision making. It is a specialized field of study that you probably never experienced as it’s not advocated or taught in dental schools, in CE courses or residencies, at dental conventions, any consulting firms aimed at average generalists or specialists, or even known by the majority of your colleagues who may already have a wealth of clinical knowledge. I have developed my dental practice marketing tools from years of being in dentistry and with great success.

In order to stand out from the pack of other local dentists fighting over the dwindling supply of government reimbursed and insurance-based cases, you must know what actions are likely to work and which are already known to fail. If you don’t know (and admit not knowing) and want to move forward as quickly and easily as possible with the minimum of blunders, then getting help from experts focused on marketing and case acceptance for big cases is the fastest way to arrive at your destination. I have done the hard work of developing my marketing strategies and now they are available for my program members.

Going it alone, out of ignorance, costs many dentists small fortunes and wastes valuable non-renewable time that could be spent in more productive pursuits.

Every dentist who wants these things has to take at least a very first step that leads to the path which puts them on their desired journey. For many, that step is to become a member of the McAnally Selling System most affordable membership Program—The Elite Doc’s Strategies Program.

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