Dental Practice Marketing- Across State Lines and Even Country Borders

Dental Practice Marketing

In dental practice marketing the internet has made it incredibly easy to target patients around your practice- be they right next door, across the state line, or even in a different country.

The ability to search and place ads is changing the landscape and will continue to do so.  It’s going to eventually come back to bite our licensing boards and the ADA on the behind which is one of the most delightful things possible.

Dental boards are tilting at windmills enacting all kinds of rules to try to maintain control over what’s happening online.  The ADA is piling on new ethical guidelines now that the internet is allowing practices who want to promote their services heavily to trounce their competitors in the dirt.  BTW:  The ADA has been losing it’s war to protect the “old school” power structure between the generalists and specialists for nearly 20 years now.  Note to ADA:  Move on to something more important like creating national campaigns to generate interest in dental services.  Got Milk Worked.

Back in my former home state, it was “illegal” to not have the dentist’s name listed in an ad, yet hundreds of Google AdWord ads fly across screens daily all over Washington without any practitioner name and the board does nothing.  It’s a suit waiting to happen by any reasonable group of dentists who want kill off a rule that simply doesn’t make sense.  Where are the associations on these matters of stupidity—-the answer is—-too busy doing things that don’t help their members actually have better practices and businesses.

In many states, it has been routinely allowable for years for dentists to be able to file complaints about one another anonymously under laws that were meant to protect employees in their role as whistle-blowers.  Cowardice at it’s best……  As the information age continues to disrupt and level industries and regulations, look for this kind of b.s. to fall by the way side in the near future.  If you want to complain about a peer, you’ll need to express it and sign your name.

If you are in a situation where it makes sense to market abroad for patients or in the state right next door, then do so and market heavily using your dental practice marketing tools.

One of the REAL beauties of such is that the new state/country in which you are marketing your services will have no authority over your license. That means you are free to step up the language, claims, and promises…..and do whatever it takes to win the day using dental practice marketing.

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