Dental Practice Marketing- Advice about the 101 on Dental Signage

Dental practice ads

Dental Practice Marketing can be tricky for most dentists unless they know how to advertise their practice and expertise.

I drive by a lot of Dental offices… and when I do, I mostly cringe at the incorrect ways dentists apply themselves to dental marketing and how they send out their message.

No wonder consumers are confused.

Most of these practice signs do a great job at being REPULSIVE while REPELLING patients.

Here are the top 3 offenders:
1.    Bad Name – Just “Dentist” followed by “Dentist” + giant tooth or tooth brush. Any cute name that is meant to “brand” or “educate” will REPEL patients.
2.    Unnecessary Graphics, Logos, Fonts and Format – When a doctor spends more time on “The Look” than “The Message”, he or she is in trouble. What they end up with is a multicolor sign that is meaningless and hard to read that also REPELS patients.
3.    No Benefit Statement/No Call To Action – Your sign should answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”; serve an existing demand and NOT try to create one; and also answer the question, “Why should I choose you over all the other dentists and all other options… including doing nothing at all?”

In the old days a sign was all it took, then it was simply being “on the plan” and insurance patients appeared in abundance. Now it almost always involves spending money on external dental marketing.

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