Dental Practice Marketing- Do you need to redo your website Part 2 ?

dental practice marketing

In dental practice marketing we often get asked how often do I need to redo my website. The answer  in a nutshell is like it or not websites have to be redone and usually more often than we would like.When it comes to appearances of websites, they continue to evolve and there is a certain expectation of what the public expects to see from design. Much like no one wants to step into a dental office that looks, feels, (smells!) like 1970 or 1980, prospective patients have instinctual gut level reactions if your website doesn’t meet an appearance level that they now expect based on their visits to sites like Apple, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Our dental practice marketing ideas and strategies are given to our members as part of the McAnally Selling System.

Fortunately, we’re at a point where design changes have slowed (yes…we’re better at knowing human behavior when on where they go and what they look at on websites) and a new site built today will have a 4-5 year run.

If it’s been more than 2-3 years since your last design, it’s time to get going again. Most dentists think of their website as only a dental marketing or promotional tool and that thinking is limiting their results. In reality it is far more than promotion/marketing as it either directly contributes to or detracts from one’s sales process and success at selling more of whatever it is you want to do more of.

It helps serve as part of an important bridge between all external promotional/advertising activities outside the practice and create phone calls and the phone call that arrives at the practice.  To learn more about how our members link the external with the internal facets of marketing you can learn more from my #1 top selling book on Amazon.

So how to make sure you’re not missing out on letting your website sell for you? Unfortunately, there’s not any cookie cutter service out there making dental websites that thinks about sales process as part of handing you a website from a basket of templates.  It doesn’t matter whether you paid a fortune or got your site for free or low cost as part of some “deal.” If it’s a mass market web developer, the only “selling” in their lexicon was focused on selling a site to YOU!

Unfortunately, there’s also no cookie cutter mass marketing solution that fixes selling as part of dental website design.  Why?  Well, the market simply isn’t big enough. Not enough profit for a mass developer to focus on this issue. Thus, it’s up to you (or someone else) to fix your local website selling issues. The good news is that it’s possible to fix all of this completely on your own as a side-effect of what you get from dentistry’s #1 ethical sales training (case acceptance) course for highly trained clinicians.

You can have your local web guy/girl or your in-house marketing assistant attend the course with you and bring over what’s needed to your site. And of course, for the geeky amongst us, you can do those things yourself if you so desire.

For doctors going through the program with this mindset, it’s essentially like getting twice as much for the same tuition dollars.