In Dental Practice Marketing You Have to Plan around Seasons

Dental Practice Marketing

Are you REALLY open for business? In dental practice marketing you have to be aware of the highs and lows based on the  seasons of the year.

Every year we go through pretty much the same routine related to the windows of business that come and go.

These windows open and close based on habit and season.

For very good reasons (weather being one of them, summer is slow for many types of businesses and busy for others.  Historical lows during the cycle are either embraced (more vacation) or dealt with as part of the annual plan in dental practice marketing.

Think about YOUR habits during the summer.  August is one of those months where you very likely pay attention to different things, focus on different activities, etc.  There’s a reason most CE programs close up during the summer.

The 10 week window from now until Thanksgiving is a big deal.  In fact most of your efforts for the next 10 weeks not only determine how this year ends but how the next one starts.

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