Dental Practice Marketing-Redoing your website and how often ?

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In dental practice marketing a key question is how often should you redo your website ?

Answer – more often than any of us would like.

We’ve just been through a complete re-design of our website as part of an upgrade of what was already the professions #1 ethical sales training course for selling professional dental services. This makes website version 5 in roughly 9 years. At this point, the bills for websites from those 9 years cost more than my regular dental education! If you spend a bit of time on our new site, I guarantee you that you’ll learn specific marketing lessons just in how the copy is laid out to sell and in how we discuss what it is we are selling.

For those who are willing to actually learn (yes it’s possible…in my 40’s I got a degree in music production, learned audio engineering, and recently scored a feature length film), then your homework is to set a timer for 30 minutes and review our website content. If you’ll spend 55 minutes (that means watching the video), the site will help you decide whether you are someone who should ever consider taking anything but a basic CE class for the rest of your career.

I promise, the time invested in this will be far better than the same time “invested” on Facebook or in some dental online forum or chat room or surfing your iphone….. Just saying…

FYI – If you send me a note ( with at least 3 things you like or dislike about the site or any statement on how you feel the site positions our entry level program (The McAnally Selling System) to the profession, I’ll email you with a list of 3 of the highest performing websites in the country so you can see what the standard of niche websites currently are.

Beyond other than “it was time” why else? Well, there were science reasons to revisit our core training and make improvements based on that science. Thus, that also needed to be communicated and how else would that happen if not by the website.

Additionally, ALL marketing, be it online or offline now leads to either a phone call or a website or both. It’s the same for you and for us. Thus, where we bring prospective clients needed to address this reality.

Beyond those things, my thinking over the past 4 years has also more accurately distilled down the essence of who our programs and services are NOT for. Yes, NOT. Sometimes you need to weed out the clients that are not for you.  You can learn more about that in my #1 top selling book on Amazon.

It’s important, to always think about who your services are for and NOT for—that includes your practice. Most dentists think every human is a potential patient which is simply not true. There are patients that you most certainly need to be gently “shooing” away and unless you’re thinking about that specifically as part of your marketing and selling systems, it’s simply not going to happen. I can help you through my selling system how to correctly use my dental practice marketing tools to effectively sort out your prospective clients.

For us, NOT means clinically average dentists with no interest in operating at a higher skill level, anyone not attending advanced CE classes, anyone not interested in evidence based science impacting treatment recommendations, anyone NOT affiliating with a specialty clinical organization (if you’re only an ADA member, you are guaranteed to NOT be a good match). Notice I didn’t say much about technology because ultimately technology is only important if in some way it really helps the patients or contributes to a better long term result. So we have “high tech,” “medium tech,” and even a few “low tech” clients based on the services they are providing. Yes, you can be a highly skilled clinician treating children under Medicaid and still be a good fit with our programs.

Okay, do you dare try to learn something or is it another day to simply muddle by…??