Dental Practice Marketing for Denture Fountain of Youth™

Remember how I’ve discussed Denture Fountain of Youth™ in dental practice marketing in the past?

That topic is on my mind as I just spent a half day in private consulting where we were discussing the results from customized dental practice marketing of Denture Fountain of Youth™ that I designed for one of our client practices that created a $45,000 Denture Fountain of Youth™  day in the practice.  FYI: Simply attending that course won’t result in that by “magic” for any Tom Dick or Harriett…there’s more to it than simply going to a room and listening for 2 days….if only advanced CE and clinical procedures was that easy, right?

Undoubtedly, the FLD technique is great. Couple it with the right attitude and systems and it’s magic.

Here are the essential things that resulted in the practice getting what it wants from offering a great ALTERNATIVE to those in generic dentures.
1 – took a recommendation (e.g. James says….go take this course NOW) and ran with it.
2 – implemented the technique with team….nothing great is accomplished without your team
3 – MOST IMPORTANTLY: meshed their knowledge of selling and promotion taught in our Programs with a brand new procedure. Those skills are evergreen.
My biggest task during the sit down was to help make sense of pricing and options so that they can work to beat their last result.

I went back to my notes from when I went to observe Dr. Strickland’s presentation here were the biggies after interacting with the attendee’s:

*No one in attendance was new to advanced training.
*Room freely admits/agrees upon questioning that they have a harder time selling beyond the insurance limit (meaning free or almost free) or at really low ceilings just above that ($5K being a fairly common limit).
*AND….90% of those in attendance say “we’re here to create revenue.”

Doubtful most got to the goal in the last note I made. The majority goes home with a great technique and excitement and then the excitement wears off because they can’t find any cases. FYI: The course even hands everyone a sample ad so not having access to advertising isn’t the problem. It’s what to do with it AND what happens afterwards that is the problem.

Fundamentally, nothing sells itself which is why many will get “ZIP” and a few will get five figures from the exact same training.

Name your favorite clinical niche and I can guarantee you there are things being left out of the way it’s being promoted or sold that are hindering results.

How closely are you looking at what you WANT from a niche procedure and with what you DO to get it??? It’s worth examining from my dental practice marketing perspective. Check it out on my website.