Niche Services Nirvana Revealed for Dental Case Marketing

Niche marketing

The McAnally Selling System makes marketing for niche services easy by following our methods.

There truly is a secret formula for niche cases (outside 20th century referral networks). We offer advice to our members and reveal the secret formulas for getting strong case acceptance on large cases.

The niche nirvana secret formula is:

Niche Website (not a national cookie cutter template)

Testimonials (Audio/Written Video and Google and Yelp reviews)

Big Direct to Consumer Media (In 2015 almost always PPC + TV)

A Real Selling Method = Niche Nirvana.

If any of the above is absent, you cut your niche business by 25-50% per missing component.

If I had to sum up to the reason why 95% of clinician’s with advanced training do almost zero cases it would be because one or more components of this formula are absent. The other 5% of dentists, most likely our members, know how to apply all of these components and know how to market correctly to the patients that need the help the most.  By visiting our website and learning  how to correctly market and sell larger cases from our most recent published book on Amazon, our dentists utilize the secret formula to achieve a higher volume of dental case acceptance.

So, what’s missing for you?  What will you do to fix this?