Dental Practice Marketing-How much do you REALLY want to produce? 2, 4, 6, or 8 Million ??

Doctor’s routinely ask “how much more dentistry” will they do if they begin using The McAnally Selling System as part of their current fee for service dental practice marketing or if they take the sales training and attach themselves to Big Case Marketing through our Elite Advertising Program or through a private customized marketing package.

Practices doing fee for service marketing, can expect 25-50% more production from the exact same funds spent on external practice marketing (or referral efforts if they are specialists) IF they institute the phone selling system, complete the 6 session MBA level training in the McAnally Selling System, and then adhere to the proprietary 7 page check-list that functions as the master play book for full fee ethical selling following graduation. Our dental practice marketing strategies are tried and true based on my own experiences and you can find them here on Amazon with my top selling book.

You can do your math.  Plug your numbers in from your marketing expense and then look at the cases you do now and see if it makes sense for you to see at least 25% more production from existing external marketing focusing on fee for service cases.  If you’re spending more than a few thousand each month in external dental practice marketing, it’s hard to not justify taking yourself and team through the training.

Again, we’re not talking about marketing dollars being spent on attracting insurance based patients. There is a big difference in niche procedure (big case) marketing and insurance patient marketing. Dental practice marketing budgets for one thing are markedly different between the two. Budgets are fully discussed on our website.

Here’s a common refrain as a further example. “I’m stuck at the $1.5M mark and I’m the only doctor in the practice.  I’d like more options for myself and an associate at some point. $500K of my practice is FFS and $1M is insurance.” For this scenario, breaking into the $2M club involves simply installing the selling system (phone and check-list) and adhering to the taught steps and check-list. The additional $500K that results is a return of 1000% on the tuition cost.  I guess you could call this a serious benefit of web-based learning, the cost is cheap compared to the big consulting fee you’d pay not that long ago for the same thing. You can learn more about how our members know how to promote themselves by learning our dental practice marketing techniques on our website.

Anyway, beyond that scenario, being at the 4, 6, or 8M annual level really boils down to choices of procedure mix, whether you are really ready to be serious about dentistry as a business, and the savvy deployment of dental marketing strategies that generate interest.

FYI – Dental practice marketing companies are a waste of time in this respect. I’ve yet to see one that really understood how to get a practice past the $2M mark since there are more dots to connect than any of these entities draining bank accounts understand.

FYI2 – Doctors can routinely get to the $3M mark using our ready to modify for your niche templates as well as some low-impact coaching on deciding what steps to take with their niche marketing.

As an aside, even inside the insurance model, there are cases waiting to be done BUT they aren’t going to sell themselves. You’re going to need some very specific tools to help. Those things are also provided in the world’s #1 ethical dental sales training.