In Dental Practice Marketing Don’t Whine about Selling

Dental practice marketing

Are you whining about how hard it is for you in dental practice marketing ? If you are you should stop.

Dentists have it so easy compared to other industries.

Step inside any organization that is truly sales driven where the entire organization lives or dies by sales and you will find non stop building of prospect lists and prospects being hounded until something happens. Invariably a lot of that hounding involves some sort of outbound phone calling.  It is not a pretty business and it is not generally fun.

Now think about how business and prospects arrive to YOUR business via dental practice marketing.  You have a lot of advantages these guys don’t and yet you don’t even realize it.

1 – No cold calling.  Even the most advanced marketing dentists wind up calling people who have requested the practice call them.

2 – You as the dentist never even have to touch the phone.  You have paid helpers doing the work for you! You simply need to hand them the tools or you have invested in help that holds them accountable for marketing the dental practice.

3 – With some very basic training it is easy to give away the first step in your sales process because you can offer an appointment for FREE and make it seem very valuable by attaching it to materials and information the patient desires. You can learn more strategies in my #1 top selling book on Amazon.

4 – The vast majority of time the prospect calls YOU and they do it because they want someone they can trust and who can help them understand their options.

We have it SOOOOO easy in the licensed professions yet most don’t know it. Basic phone training tools and a highly advanced phone booking slip for better dental practice marketing is now provided as part of the basic tuition in The McAnally Selling System.