In dental practice marketing- Would YOU pick YOU?

dental practice marketing

When struggling colleagues ask for help in dental practice marketing, often times the simplest questions peel back the layers to reveal where the underlying problem originates.

For those struggling with niche and elective dentistry being paid outside of the free money coming from dental reimbursement, I’ll commonly ask….

“Imagine I am a prospective patient.  Now tell me, in just a few words, why I should become your patient as opposed all my other options?”

Struggling dentists wanting niches cases, especially those not devoting time to working ON the practice or spending time on the right non-clinical training for doctor and team, almost never can answer this question in a reasonable manner.

Most say nothing or simply look puzzled. “Doh!”

Reality bites and here it is….

If you do not know why a prospect should come to you as opposed to all the other options, then why are you in business? Obviously you should be involved in heavy dental practice marketing to market yourself above all others around you. If you are not selling yourself correctly how do you expect patients to come to your door for treatment.

Why do you expect someone to purchase MAJOR dentistry from you?  Would YOU pick YOU?

If you head to a local BMW dealer and ask why you should purchase a BMW as opposed to a Mercedes, you better believe they know EXACTLY why.  And they will tell you in a very concise, convincing way.  Most dental treatment plans are not the price of BMWs but MANY ARE and that is where dental practice marketing comes in.

This is called “unique reason why.”  It’s something every dental business owner works on as part of the training in The McAnally Selling System–yes, you can still catch up for the live program which has been discussed on my blogs for many weeks now. To be honest there is a lot more to this than unique reason why BUT it is a fundamental component that can’t be ignored.

If you’re not capable of mentally handling the training that’s in progress or lack the willingness to elevate your team above all the others around you by dental practice marketing, then perhaps the #1 book of its kind at is the simplest way to ease yourself into changing your thinking in ways that matter.