In Dental Practice Time Management-Do you take Friday’s off for dental marketing success?

Do you worry about the practice  and dental practice time management ?

Feel like driving past sometimes and playing “hooky”?

Do you feel most happy hiding in your private office, doors closed; away from your patients and staff?

Do you cringe when asked, “What do you do for a living?”

When you go to a CE course, do you have a difficult time relating to the other dentists and think, “I don’t feel like I fit in here!”

If you had a “YES” to any of these questions, here’s what I think…

A. You very likely work too many hours. You need to take every Friday off. Yes, every Friday; which also doesn’t mean working Saturday or Sunday. It is what happy dental practitioners do.  This also means that you need better structure on other admin. time (the working on the practice part of the equation). They have learned how to correctly handle their dental practice time management.

B. Now take a hard, long look at how you practice. Happy dentists don’t “hard close” patients or surprise them with fees. They use selling systems to let patients qualify themselves. Having patients say no to treatment is a combination of wrong patient and wrong selling system. My members use my ethical selling system with a series of check lists to guide the patient to correct decision making.

C. You may lack confidence. Happy dentists look and stay in shape. They have a life outside of dentistry. They choose to be happy. If confidence is an issue for you, consider reading Dr. Maltz’s book, Pyscho Cybernetics.

D. Happy dentists nurture relationships; spouse, kids, family, friends. If there is someone who you need to apologize to for not being around more or that you need to spend more time with, these are sure signs that time/work balance is out of whack and you need to fix your dental practice time management.

E. Lastly, happy dentists are implementers OR they have strong implementers around them. They manage time wisely and get things done. These types also tend to be members of the McAnally Selling System.

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