Dental Practice Time Management-How is time spent ?

Dental Practice Time Management

Where you allow your time to go in dental practice time management is important to the well-being of your practice and lifestyle.

Want to know some personal secrets?

I watch almost zero network television with the exception being an addict to presidential debates.

Nor do I follow sports beyond a glance that section in the paper or in the fall turning to the college football poll. Easily less than 5 minutes spent in total on Sundays with such.

While I don’t let my time go to these things, I also don’t judge those who do since most adults in control of their physical and mental capabilities get to decide how they spend the same 24 hours. There’s no right or wrong only a choice.

I do watch more than my share of documentaries. Occasionally even get hooked on a series that can be rented online which means no time gets wasted on commercials.

I read a lot of books and digest a lot of information related to why people (patient) buy or don’t, why some marketing works so well, and how consumers decide/think after all that’s a big part of my “job.”

I work on a lot of music projects. I get to the gym, pool, beach, and in general, outside a lot.

Personally, my choice is to get more out of how I spend my time, be it work or leisure. All of this evolved gradually not as if a light switch was thrown. No doubt as birthday’s pile up the focus becomes more acute! This evolved as I developed my ethical selling sales system which was critical to helping me gain more time at leisure while enjoying better dental time management.

….AND…..Contrary to what most would believe, leisure time is not in short supply. There is a lot of it to decide on how it gets used.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics looks at how time is spent by the average citizen in work, household work (laundry, dishes, yard, etc.) and at leisure.
Leisure gets an average of 6 hours per day per person over the age of 15! 100 years ago having that much leisure outside of being a member of ‘leisure class’ (AKA rich) was a foreign concept. Times are indeed very good when viewed from this perspective.

Where the leisure time gets spent is a big deal, it’s usually what’s behind statements like “I wish I could spend more time on X” especially in areas where large amounts can easily get “frittered away” as many a grandmother has remarked.

The point of this is that you can choose to engineer via dental time management and a marketing and sales system that brings in more and bigger cases so you free yourself up more. You can “create”, for those who are more left brained, your work and leisure time to get the most from BOTH. Why not?

By the way, should you choose to get serious about engineering your work time (how much you make from your dentistry per hour), like it or not, ethical and systematic sales is a mandatory foundation especially in the new economy. Why not start with the first step and check out my book on Amazon which has many tips to get  you on your way.

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