Dental Practice Time Management & Getting Past Personal Roadblocks

Previously while discussing dental time management we covered a slew of excuses that dentists like to trot out to make themselves feel better and to avoid taking action. This week, I’m sharing with you some information from Ms. Sydney Barrows that can help remove roadblocks keeping you from moving forward with your practice and life. Enjoy!

How many times have you found yourself unable to start, continue to work on, or finish a project, particularly a project you know would ratchet up the experience your prospects and patients have with you and your practice; would improve your case presentation system, which in turn would improve your bottom line; or expand your practice by either bringing in additional staff or upgrading the skills of the staff you already have?

You really and truly want to do it, yet… never seem to get around to it. How much time do you spend making excuses, making promises to do it, and chastising yourself for not doing it? Rare is the person who has not had this experience in dental practice time management.

“Why am I procrastinating, when I know how great the benefits would be?”
The reason you can’t get out of your own way is because you have subconscious roadblocks that are blocking you from doing what you want to do and accomplishing what you want to accomplish. That’s the reason, that’s what’s going on, that’s the mysterious “force” that won’t allow you to move ahead. Yes, it sounds woo woo and airy fairy, but that’s absolutely what’s going on.

What if there was a way to get rid of those roadblocks? What if all you had to do is sit on the phone for an hour or so once a week, saying nothing, doing nothing, and the person at the other end did all the work? You need reveal nothing at all about yourself, you don’t even need to believe in it, and if nothing happens, you get your money back! Give it a try and I assure you that you will become better at  dental practice time managment.

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What if it really could be that easy? What do you have to lose by not giving it a try?

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