In Dentistry News-What’s important to know about John Kois

Dentistry news

Periodically, I make recommendations related to a variety of courses and consultants in dentistry news.  Some of these things are internal recommendations that give our member doctor’s marketplace advantages.  Others, out of an everyday concern to elevate the entire profession.  You’ll find Dr. John Kois’ presentations related to treatment planning and occlusion often mentioned in the latter.  He teaches those two from a very unique perspective—essentially how they are the grand unifiers impacting every long term decision about teeth, bone, soft tissue, and materials and how a variety of individual risk factors need to influence your SHORT TERM recommendations to a patient.  This is important for GPs, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists, and Oral Surgeons.

MOST dentists will never elevate themselves to a level beyond a ‘right here-right now’ mental capacity and view the patient from a “rest of their life”perspective.  [To be fair, physicians are just as behind on this.]

John’s two foundational courses which are in dentistry news are now being offered inside dedicated 5 day tracks where both subjects are covered in sequence in one mini-marathon period.  For the open minded clinician willing to put outdated clinical concepts to the side and take on more professional responsibility for what the evidence currently says, these two courses not only set the stage of a permanent understanding of the biggest picture issues faced with every patient and every treatment plan, reason enough to attend, but for most attendees, not only are those benefits delivered but the two combined courses will change their life forever as a clinician.  Check it out at

[FYI:  John continues to eschew corporate support of any kind because such support has a tendency to impact recommendations. If you do enroll in his course, feel free to let them know it was related to me—we receive zero compensation—again this is about elevating  resistant profession to do better things.]

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