In Ethical Selling Dentistry- Important dental marketing statistics to know

Ethical selling dentistry

Let’s talk about the current marketing statistics and why you should be using an ethical selling dentistry sales system.

Holidays are great. The downside is that when your role is to monitor a large stream of information that effects your member doctors there is a BIG backlog when one returns.

I’ve just “digested” my backlog from Thanksgiving (and will literally finish off a delicious smoked turkey courtesy of Greenberg’s in Tyler Texas–god bless the internet–today….

And here are some sobering numbers, gathered up from a number of sources, that any dentist not heeding has trouble in store and who is not using an ethical selling system (sure as shinola)…..

-40 Million Dental Patients Stuck at Minimum Wage Level Not Buying Dentistry

-Millions of Dental Patients with Limited Future Wages due to College Degrees but NO Technical Skill

-Middle Class Dental Patient Income and Real Disposable Dental Patient Income Retreat to 1973 Levels

-Millions Under the Age of 45 Need Almost ZERO Dental Services

These things are the signs of the dental times. You, being of the more astute variety of dentist (that’s why you requested our emails), likely already noticed this shift and have an ethical selling system in place.

For the astute, ethical selling dentistry (influencing behavior in ways that help consumer buy things that are good for them–yes that means your services) is a fundamental for practices expecting to do well under the current conditions which are going to be around for a LONG time.

Why is ethical selling dentistry so important right now? The answer can be found in what most in the profession won’t “get” which is: There will be NO return to the post WWII growth model of an always expanding, economically rising, dentally insured middle class that easily fuels practice growth! It’s NOT a political party thing (democrat, republican, socialist, communist, greenie, naderite, paulian….does NOT matter). It is a global efficiency (thank you Mr. Microchip) and cheap Cheap CHEAP labor elsewhere thing.

What do I mean by “don’t get.” A great example is found at any number of the Facebook or “Townien” groups that I periodically drop in on where if you point out these ugly beasts appearing in the real data one (literally) gets back total silence–all the dentists congregating there are too scared/terrified to talk/think about such things. BUT…..if you talk about CT scans, spherical amalgam, beer, or someone’s cat falling off a couch or farting……then you’ve got an audience and a roiling debate. That’s what I mean by not “getting” what’s important related to being in business and thriving two years down the road or NOT.

Like it or not, all of the above numbers are realities for YOUR customers and you must choose how you will deal with their reality because patient reality plus your choice becomes YOUR REALITY.

In case you missed the memo, we’ve made learning to ethically sell by way of a real systematic, step-by-step process, easy for you and your team and you don’t have to deal with TSA b.s. to get it….


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