Ethical Selling Dentistry and the science of Amost Tversky

Ethical selling dentistry

Amost Tversky’s behavioral science can be applied to ethical selling dentistry.

How much behavioral science do you understand and use to help your patients?

I bet you’ve never heard of Amos Tversky and his studies are probably as important right now to you as G.V. Black’s were to dentists a billion years ago.

During my podium presentation at the AAID meeting recently, I administered the Amos Tversky survival and loss/benefit test to the audience. Previous test subjects showed that when presented with health care options from a benefit/survival framework or from a loss/mortality framework decision making was GREATLY influenced.  In a nutshell, the tested audience all read the same scenario but each half of the room has treatment framed either around benefits and or loss.  Here’s what the dentists/auxiliaries “said” via their test in Vegas:

Benefit/survival frame:      72% chose surgery and 28% chose radiation.
Loss/mortality frame:      60% chose surgery and 40% chose radiation.

While radiation was the wrong choice from a mortality standpoint, AAID attendee’s were swayed by the information “framing” in the loss frame.  In other words, people could be pushed into even a bad decision simply based on how information is presented.  No surprise as that’s how the test typically turns out.

There are DIRECT applications of data just like the Amos Tversky study with how you discuss treatment and present cases in ethical selling dentistry.

Is anyone in your dental circles or educational circles talking about this?  Are you reading it in any journal?   Does anyone mention other names like Kahneman, Cialdini, or Iyengar?  If you’re not getting exposure to this via those routes, I can tell you that your results with more elective treatment plans are automatically diminished….and you don’t know what you don’t know.

The clinical CE folks can’t help anyone influence patient behavior unless they are introducing concepts/studies by these scientists……Quite honestly, in the new economic reality, THESE are the people dentists need to be studying.

You can do this on your own (read these guys/gals and adapt their science to develop a selling system) or you can become a credentialed in our ethical selling program that takes the science and puts it to work for you to influence your patients in making better decisions.   The slow way or the fast way…..the choice is yours to realize that ethical selling dentistry is a must for any practice survival.

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