Ethical Selling Dentistry & Decision Fatigue

ethical selling dentistry

I have researched behavioral science that helps good decision making when it comes to ethical selling dentistry

Heard of decision fatigue?  Doubtful as most dentists left off their training in human behavior somewhere around dental school year 1.

A bevy of scientists have been investigating this issue from a variety of angles:  Jonathan Levav, Standfrod, Shai Danziger, Ben-Gurion University, Israel,  Roy Baumeister, Case Western, Florida State, and Kathleen Vohs, University of Minnesota, Wilhelm Hofmann, Unveristy of Wurzburg, Holly Miller and Nathan DeWall, Univerisity of Kentucky, Dean Spears, Christian-Albrechts University of Germany, Andreas Herrmann, Unversity of St. Gallen Switzerland, Sheena Iyenga, Columbia (previously interviewed by me for Elite Program members).

In an age where more choices are made on a daily basis, there are evidence based studies now showing how decision fatigue leads to poor choosing and even no choosing.  It is having a profound impact on a lot of deciding that is going on out there including with YOUR dental treatment plans and with how one (you) go about getting case acceptance.  All those approaching this randomly in dentistry (the 95%) are missing the boat. Ethical selling dentistry takes the guesswork out of the right decisions being made and it helps the patient qualify themselves for the best options for them in treatment.

BTW:  I’m the first in dentistry to apply this new science and knowledge directly to our member’s ethical selling dentistry process which was already chock-full of real evidence based psychological tools to help patients make good decisions surrounding their dentistry.

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