What is Ethical Selling Dentistry?

ethical selling dentistry

Ethical Selling Dentistry is-

“Getting patients emotionally engaged with a treatment result that is good for them and emotionally and intellectually committed to treatment.”

While most dentists search in vain for one “special ad” that solves all problems with finding patients who demand specific services, the wisest in the profession understand that if a solid foundation of ethical selling dentistry is absent, any and all promotion will have diminished results. There is 50 years of evidenced based science on human behavior as it relates to decision making. And this science holds the keys in allowing ethical selling dentistry work for the advanced trained clinician.

The McAnally Selling System is our premier Program using the latest behavioral science so that dentists can present their very best services in ways that allow every patient the best chance of making good decisions regarding their dental health. It is an “advertising and specialty neutral” system. It works for practices who market, works for those who don’t or who are restricted by licensing authorities, it works for those obtaining cases solely by way of colleague referrals, and it works regardless of specialist or generalist classification.

Patients have no measuring tools for the financial value of what significant dentistry costs and the training, care, skill, and that goes into creating it. This ethical selling dentistry or dental case marketing system gives the patient these tools for understanding value and why significant commitments of time and finances are necessary for complex services.

Ethical selling dentistry opens a direct pathway to even more clinical skills and training since it is only through better treatment acceptance rates and acceptance of better treatment options by patients does any clinician get better at performing procedures. In order to be good at great procedures, one has to perform them routinely.

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