Ethical Selling Dentistry is Defined

Ethical Selling Dentistry

Here’s my definition of ethical selling dentistry.  You heard it from me first.

“Getting Patients emotionally engaged in a treatment result that is GOOD FOR THEM and getting them emotionally and intellectually committed to treatment.”

Realize that most things pitched to emotionally engage an individual to purchase the good or service are NOT good for them (fast food, sugar coated everything, cigarettes, gas hogging cars, etc.).  Understanding this distinction, how could the professional NOT believe in ethical selling dentistry as something they can deliver that is really very very good good for the patient.

Notice that emotional engagement and commitment are necessary before intellectual commitment.  Over and over we show doctors that logic doesn’t get the patient to the table for serious discussions about making their life better with 21st century dentistry.

BTW:  Most dentists never understand this critical difference in selling things that do good and things that do harm and lump “sells” into the same category as all the bad stuff.  Most boards REALLY don’t get it…..shame on all those “colleagues.”

Understand the difference and then do something about it.  You’ll help far more patients.

By the way, our programs, live this, breathe it, teach it, AND sell it……and it’s not only good for the practices but ultimately for thousands of more patients. Ethical selling dentistry is a must now given the changed economy, shrinking middle class and the choke hold insurance has over our practices.

By using my proven ethical selling dentistry system, you help patients qualify themselves for the dentistry that will help them the most.

This unique, step-by-step check-list system for ethical selling (case acceptance) increases profits while increasing the total number of big cases you treat. Be you a generalist with specialty skills or board certified specialist, money isn’t your only motivation. But, the opportunity to make more while doing good with the cases you really enjoy and while reducing workload and hours are all big pluses.

Is ClearChoice, Aspen Dental, Heartland, or Ion in your market? If so, there’s good news. Licensing and dental case acceptance program enrollment is prohibited for all chains. Highly trained clinicians can choose to have major advantages in marketing and selling at full fees over these sworn enemies of the independent dentist. If you compete with these or others, the ethical selling dentistry system is your best defense to protect your practice.