What ethical selling dentistry means financially to a practice

Ethical Selling Dentistry

Want to know what ethical selling dentistry means to your practice from a financial standpoint ?

You can now join a live course that teaches a methodical, step by step, system for ethically selling fee for service and niche dental procedures that’s grounded in the most current behavioral science related to persuasion, deciding, and human nature with buying.

[If  you are a current active member, no need to worry about any of the below.] You are already experiencing the vast improvement in case acceptance thanks to my training.

Using a systematic method to ethically sell dentistry by is the single biggest secret weapon that goes underutilized by the vast majority of the profession and ignored at peril considering the economic realities.

Here’s what this kind of training does for practices:
•    For those performing regular procedures being done in regular everyday practices (It matters not whether a GP or specialist or even the state of insurance in the practice), this System often means a 10-15% improvement in profit on existing patient flow and on existing marketing multiplied by the remaining years in practice.

•    For GPs and Specialists focusing on complex niche cases who have been successful by most standards at “selling”—it means more patients selecting one option better than what you have previously experienced.  Example:  If you’ve been stuck at $20K cases with patients always turning down the $35K option, you will find more patients selecting one option better.  For these practices, this System means a 25-50% increase in your average big case size.

•    For GPs and Specialists focusing on complex niche cases who have had lackluster results at “selling” (unfortunately most dentists with advanced training), it feels like discovering the biggest “secret” in dentistry.  You’ll finally get to experience having patients who need your best services choosing better and even the best option.  They will be happy to pay you for your help and at fees that compensate you for your care, skill, and judgment and will be thankful for the help received.  This ethical selling dentistry System means a 100-500% increase in average case size for those with advanced education who are “newbies” to selling. Want to learn more……….check out my #1 best selling book on Amazon.