In Ethical Selling Dentistry-Consistency is Another under-rated virtue.

Ethical selling dentistry

While discussing ethical selling dentistry recently with program members, confidence and why it’s so important was on the discussion list. Consistency is just as under-rated as confidence!

Unfortunate, since consistency is a big deal in relationships and most certainly when it comes to ethical selling dentistry.

If and when patients experience breakdown of any kind…
* a breakdown in UNDERSTANDABLE communication
* a breakdown in quality of care and in PAIN-FREE care
* a break down in cleanliness in facility
* a breakdown in professionalism by doctor or team
* a breakdown in agreement of what everyone has agreed to
* a breakdown in trust of any kind..

Guess what……they may not respond to recommendations, they’re likely to be dis-satisfied and leave, and they’ll be more likely to second guess their own decisions about anything involving YOU.

It goes without saying that they also won’t stay active or even think about referring.

Know what….everything listed above IS some form of marketing or ties into SYSTEMS for ethical selling dentistry also means it can be written, taught, trained, measured, reinforced, repeated, and easily done better than those who don’t acknowledge this reality.

Doing things right the first time and over time, in regards to everything listed above, is the SIMPLEST and least stressful way to enjoy a true lifetime of helping people via our ethical selling system program.

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