Ethical Selling Dentistry and Case Acceptance Team Training

Ethical selling dentistry

Announcing our case acceptance team training via our ethical selling dentistry course. If you are eager to help more patients back to dental health then this training is right for you and your team.

We are pleased to provide the details of our upcoming live on-line course. It teaches a methodical, step by step, system for ethically selling fee-for-service and niche dental procedures.

The course is grounded in the most current behavioral sciences of persuasion, decision making, and the human-nature aspects of making purchases based on ethical selling of dentistry.

It’s the ideal way to train your team in a proven sales system that is always there for updates and continued learning.

We feature a series of live on-line meetings followed by an optional face-to-face full-day session to get the most benefit (more larger cases) for your dollars and time spent. If you want to discuss this further and are seriously interested contact me here to set up a meeting.

On-line course tuition covers the entire office team making per-person costs low. Also, there’s no wasted time spent traveling.

Unlike the usual weekend format where everyone comes away swamped with ideas that never get implemented, this course, with its homework assignments and document downloads, gives attendees the opportunity to put ideas into action gradually and develop them as a team.

Can’t attend every meeting? Don’t worry! All will be recorded and made available to you for review with your team long after the meeting series has ended.

If you want to learn more about our on-line selling course you can check out my website.

There’s no reason why learning more about ethical selling dentistry won’t change the nature of your practice forever! Your first step to learn more about my ethical selling steps is to check out my #1 book sold on Amazon.

To your better case acceptance success !!