In Ethical Selling Dentistry-Are you getting your patient’s story ?

ethical selling dentistry

One of the bare basic foundational “secrets” to ethical selling dentistry is listening and getting your patient’s story BEFORE you give an answer.  Existing patients, new patients, and consults are all ready to tell their stories that help you to help them but if you do not have a method or system in place to guide the patients with the correct questions to ask then you are not helping them as much as you can or should.

Are you asking the right questions to get those stories? Are you connecting the dots between their story and your solutions for the patient? If you want to learn more about how to correctly get the story, check out my book on Amazon,  The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage: The 39 Key Tenets for Practice Success which will cover this topic.

Do you have a system that gives you the tools needed (which includes helping you stay present to actually hear the story)? If you don’t you should check out my new re-vamped website where you will find everything you need to get the patient’s story and help them get to better dental health.

People want to feel listened to and understood.  When you sincerely do this from a caring position in ethical selling dentistry, patients are far more apt to act on your recommendations.