Lessons from Strawberries in ethical selling dentistry

Ethical Selling Dentistry

In my new book (available at Amazon.com), I talk a lot about readiness when it comes to ethical selling dentistry and marketing as well as the three types of patients that exist.

Recently, something crossed my desk from a friend who works in another health arena related to the strawberry patch he maintains in his backyard.

To get a great strawberry you either have to grow it yourself, go to the farm, or have a great local grocery store (back in Seattle Thriftway/Metropolitan Market always had some of the best).

Fruit like strawberries (and peaches) have to be nurtured in order to reach their peak potential. Left unattended they also rot on the vine/tree quickly once they are ripe.

These delights have a lesson for us when it comes to patients and ethical selling dentistry.

Existing ones have to be nurtured in person when you see them live.

Prospective and existing ones have to be handled correctly in order not to damage them (e.g. ethical selling).

Prospective Existing ones have to be nurtured by mail during the year (NO…e-mail is not good enough by itself).

New ones have to be found/planted (via external ads, direct mail, word of mouth, val-pak).

Practices in ethical selling dentistry not selling with a check-list approach have 10-20% of their fruit going bad every day AND if they are aiming at elective larger cases are missing out on 25-50% more fruit.

What part of your gardening needs help? If it needs help, check out my website here.