Ethical Selling Dentistry-Professionals don’t take orders

Ethical selling dentistry

In my ethical selling dentistry system we do not take orders……..we take the lead gently and lead our patients to realize what it is they actually need to help them to better dental health by using my proven sales system.

McAnally Selling Rule #13 –Professionals don’t need or have to take orders.

Frequently from the podium, you’ll hear some management “guru” telling dental teams that they need to “take the order” as if they were working at some fast food joint. I have nothing against fast food in fact there are two places here in Miami (Shake Shack and Burger Fi) that I’m more than happy to go into and place an order. As far as this advice to you and your team, guess what it is?
It’s nonsense. You do not take orders as a business person, you are in sales regardless of what the guru’s at the podium say.

Who in a professional service business wants themselves or their staff to feel like or ACT LIKE they work at McDonald’s or even at the top of the top Shake Shack?!?

In reality, if you are ethically walking your patients through a sales process that provides and guides their decision, (be it for a minor case or a major major case), the patient will eliminate the options for you.  Yes, that means you play the role you trained for (e.g. a professional) not someone who says “do ya’ want fries with that mister?!?” You can either check this out further by reading my #1 best selling book  on Amazon, or if you really want to know how to be a leader and not take orders, go to my website where you will find out how to easily increase your dental case acceptance rate with very little effort.

The reason these management folks are yelling about order taking is because it’s the only solution they got in the bag. It’s demeaning to the profession and isn’t helping patients.

So, what about you, trying to take orders or looking for a different approach. Perhaps you intuitively new there was something wrong with this bit of advice?

How is your marketing performing?  If you’re spending more than $4K per month, and aren’t jazzed about your results, I can guarantee you there are more cases being left on the table and less return that what you could be getting. If you really are getting serious about taking control and want to have a conversation with me, contact me online here.