Ethical Selling Dentistry- What’s in it for ME?

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Want to know how to attract patients and to interact with your patients on a field that very few dentists ever get to play on via ethical selling dentistry ?

If so, then be really good at answering the question, “What’s In It For Me?”

W.I.I.F.M. is very old radio frequency that everybody is tuned in to on a daily basis.

While humans have a decent amount of altruism hard wired into their DNA, most are also looking out for their own best interests as part of the same instincts. Using the science of these behavioral tendencies I have developed an ethical selling system which helps my dentist members approach this issue and succeed in helping the patient by listening and knowing the correct questions to ask.

Most dentists approach things from telling others about what they have, about themselves, about all the features and technologies they have, etc.

But here’s the deal….

…the more you talk about you and all that other stuff and not about them, the faster they begin to lose interest in you OR never pay attention in the first place (yes…why that last ad didn’t work).

If you follow these blogs, most of our discussion revolves around YOU the dentist not around US or our member Programs. It is about YOU because I understand what station you listen to.

So….back to YOU. With your patients, it’s never about you and always about them.

Talk about your patients and prospective patients and what’s in it for them, PROVIDED that what they hear is congruent with what they ALREADY want.

Do you want to know how to determine what patients actually want from you?

…just ask them, THEN give it to them by using my ethical selling system and checklist.

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