Free dental marketing-Are your testimonials being posted on Google or Yelp ?

free dental marketing

Here is some free dental marketing information-

If you asked what the biggest opportunity that comes nearly free of charge to promote a practice that has results which become massive over time, the answer hands down, are patient reviews (success stories) posted at Google and Yelp.

There are two types of reviews for this type of free dental marketing-

Type 1:  Short form review

The short form review consists of several sentences which can and do “tip” prospective patients into coming in for a cleaning or some other basic service.   These reviews are often collected via some 3rd party service and because of such are fairly generic versus if the practice devoted its own attention to this as a marketing activity.

Regardless of your service mix, you need to collect these on a continuing basis.  Having no reviews automatically says you are less than others.   Reviews that are years out of date also have its on assumed message.  “Something good used to happen.  Now, not so much. I’ll look at another practice.”

There are practices that figured out that short form reviews were important and addressed this several years ago now who get nearly 100% of their new patients for free dental marketing from reviews.

Type 2:  Long form review (500+ words).

For those who can do advanced clinical procedures of any kind OR (more importantly) want to do a lot more of these procedures, long form reviews are part of the magic that helps make it happen.  Do they eliminate all other marketing, of course not, BUT they act as a credibility and believability component of sales that affects any external marketing you have happening and of course the dental marketing here is free.

Long form reviews when tied into a real selling system (unless you have been through our program, you do NOT have a system for selling), can sell $50K+ cases on their own. Check out how my selling system works here.

For both groups:  Would there be value to you for someone to “hand hold the right patient success stories” so that each month a 500+ patient success story/testimonial is posted at Google and Yelp?  Our program does just that and our members have enjoyed the benefits of this free dental marketing ! To learn more about how to beat out your competitors, check out my #1 best selling book on Amazon.