Free dental marketing-To Yelp or Not to Yelp?

free practice marketing

In free dental marketing- I’d like to talk about Yelp and an unusual way to use it.

As most of you know, Yelp is an online app, website, and platform that allows customers the ability to rate businesses (1-5 stars) and post their comments.

It’s also where some prospects (even some ideal major prospects) go to read reviews and decide whom to give their business to, often based on these comments especially IF the reviews have been handled correctly. But here’s a more valuable way to use Yelp that gives YOU the control and access to free dental marketing-


Probably the quickest way to do this is by going to Yelp (

Once on their website, you’ll see 2 fields on the top that you can type into.

One is the type of business and the other is the location (like your city, state).

Type “Dentist” in the top left field and your city and state in the top right field.


There’s gold in those negative comments — a pure road map created by your market telling you EXACTLY what they don’t like and what they want.  Take a bit of time and look over the positives posts and see how many are 300-500 words in length.  That will also tell you where the opportunity is to move past most of your competitors.

Now, all you have to do is just give it to them. Nothing more, nothing less. And this all for FREE for every Tom, Dick, and Henrietta average dentists to use to their advantage. Simple and free dental marketing. What could be easier.  To learn more strategies on marketing and to learn how to rise even further above the competition, check out my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

By the way, an admission…. We reverse engineer our sales process and credibility builders discussed in The McAnally Selling System from reviews at Google and Yelp so that doctors training in this program can fully utilize these platforms as a marketing venue.