Free Dental Marketing Training Materials Valued at $6500

Free dental marketing

Want some free dental marketing ?

Dentistry has been good to me.  As part of a complete redesign of our practice site, I’ve packaged up some foundational materials into video that every dentists on planet earth can benefit from seeing.

Feel free to opt-in on the side, get access to the video series (again something that would cost $6500 to sit with me for a day and talk about privately).

Additionally, just for those doctors who invest in my top selling book on Amazon (I’ll send you an email after the opt-in).  I’ll provide with another $2500 in directly useable tools for the practice.

If I can give away consulting and free dental marketing of this magnitude, just imagine what I have awaiting those who enter our program providing already designed for you marketing and our ethical case acceptance/selling program.

Considering the state of the economy, one would really have to be a fool to pass this up.  Feel free to share it far and wide as free dental marketing as the more dentists see this the more the profession is changed for the positive.

To get in the loop simply go to our website and look for the simple name/email box.

P.S.  While you’re there, take a look around……you will be glad that you did !!