There Exists a Program That Can Put 50-100 Full-Arch Implant Cases Into Your Practice Every Year

What’s the catch? You need to be able to follow straightforward directions

A Question For You
You invested extraordinary amounts of time and money to become trained to perform the life-changing procedure of dental implants. You can change other people’s lives, but here’s the question: Has all this training and expense been returned to you in a steady flow of cases? Has your life also been changed for the better?

If you answered “Yes” and have all the full-arch cases you can handle, then congratulations! You must be doing a lot of things right, and you may not need my services.

But if you could use more full-arch dental implant cases, then you’re reading the right page.
We are the only advertising agency/consulting company in the world that’s owned and operated by an implant dentist with experience treating dozens of full-arch cases annually and who still holds an active clinical license plus advanced credentials.

Why does that matter? It means that we deeply understand the challenges you face, which are unlike any standard dental practice. The cases you can treat are far more complex, and the fees are commensurately higher. You’re looking for people with a special type of dental need, and that’s where our specialized advertising agency comes in.

Precision Advertising
We do precision advertising, focused on the kinds of complex cases that we in the profession find both challenging and rewarding. And we’ve gotten pretty good at this precision advertising: when you’ve spent more than $5 million on advertising, you learn things that someone who’s spent $100,000 or $1 million cannot know.
A few other facts about us:

  • We are the #1 independent advertiser for combined US, UK, Canada, and Australian markets for full-arch implants.
  • We have direct experience in advertising on the ground in more than 100+ markets worldwide
  • We manage advertising in many forms, including Google Ads, Facebook, print, television, and direct mail.

What you can expect when you’re in the Full-Arch Advertising Program

  • If you adhere to advertising budget guidelines you should see 2-3 full-arch cases weekly within 24 months of program initiation.
  • We provide exclusive and proprietary dental implant advertisements (online through Google and elsewhere, and offline through print, etc.). We manage all advertising and adjust it, based on results from 34 North American practices.
  • Market Exclusive: Your geographic market area is protected. Local competitors cannot access the same proven advertising once you are accepted!
  • Specific team and doctor sales training, coaching, and accountability. We include everything for success, from phone-sales training and scripting, 24/7 phone live answering set-up, financial coordinator and case acceptance training, plus getting patient reviews using Google’s systems.
  • Complete website management and ongoing content generation is included. Optimization of Google Ads is also included in program fee.
  • You can expect up to 70 patient inquiries monthly within 6 months of program initiation at entry-level budget. Callers will need full or partial arch implants or other services (e.g. LANAP, Cerec, etc.).
  • We tailor custom budget recommendations to each geographically unique local market. 100% of your advertising budget goes to advertising—not to administration.
  • Fortune 500 level competitor research leverages your competitors’ advertising dollars for your benefit. The more they spend, the more cases you do, because you have abundant, actionable information on what’s working right now in your market.Our tested, patient-focused website content motivates patients to call you versus competitors. If needed, our industry-leading landing page with exclusive content can be launched in 30 days OR a new, patient-focused website can be ready within 90 days.
  • Direct monthly oversight of each participating practice by the most recognized authority on implant management, sales, and marketing—Dr James McAnally.

When was your last $50,000 case?
Has it been too long? (Has it been never?) In either case, the Full-Arch Advertising Program can fix that. “But I tried advertising and it didn’t work” you say. Here’s the thing: you are right. It’s not surprising that conventional advertising by marketing types or even by conventionally trained dentists didn’t work very well. They’re doing the best they can—bless their hearts—but they’re taking a scattershot approach to finding a highly specific type of person who needs and is motivated to get dental implants.

You want to attract the needle in a haystack, and these folks are advertising to the haystack. Our sophisticated and continually refined methods target the needle.

No need to say “yes” to anything

Your situation is unique. Although there is an excellent chance that our advertising systems could deliver a steady stream of full-mouth cases to your chair, you may have special circumstances. Therefore I recommend that you not try to make a decision about any advertising next steps. Instead, just say “maybe” and we can find a mutually agreeable time to have a conversation. We can then jointly determine if what I have is something that could accelerate your practice—or not. You can book a time here.

Components of the
McAnally Selling System

The entire process of getting new patients is the McAnally Selling System. That system has two main parts: The Full-Arch Implant Advertising Program gets people to call or write you. The details are here.

The second part of the process is the Case Acceptance System. It’s comprehensive training, coaching about what you and your staff say and do, in order to turn those advertising leads into patients.

Together, these systems are responsible for sending more than 1,200 full-arch implant cases to our members each year. These cases represent more than $27 million in full-arch implant case sales annually, on top of about $20 million in other big-case services.

About Dr. James McAnally
My clinical background is more than 19 years at chair-side treatment and I continue to hold an active clinical license. I hold a fellowship in the AGD, fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, am a fellow at the Misch National Implant Institute, Member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, as well as Pierre Fauchard Academy.


“Within 45 days of hearing Dr. McAnally speak at the ICOI meeting, I took two of the secrets he shared back to my private practice and closed two cases for over $50,000 each. I’ve gotten my guaranteed increase in my practice from the Elite Program even BEFORE I attended the first session. The case-acceptance” packet alone has pre-sold several $10K cases for me.”

— Dr. Wes Moore, Ft. Smith, Arkansas

"Our colleagues will seek courses to learn the best techniques and advanced procedures, and may already be clinically excellent in everything they do, but very few will go out and educate themselves in the aspect of attracting those patients who require our specialized services. What a waste of talent, time, and money.

I have recently completed my requirements at the prestigious ICOI for the Diplomate status and I honestly believe I would not have gotten all the cases needed without the surge of big cases that Big Case Marketing has generated to my office."

— Nader Bazzi, DDS, DICOI

"I joined to learn how to get more of the big cases in my office because my favorite thing to do these days is to take a denture wearer and give them fixed teeth again. It changes their life forever. Without this program my goal in this area simply wouldn’t have been possible.

I have sold two $30K+ cases this week and had my first $200,000 month this year thanks to these cases. I am in various stages of seven full arch implant supported bridges right now at about $30k+ each as a result of what I have learned directly from James.

[Several months later:] We just had our biggest month: over $210K production, $240K collection."

— Dr. Greg Sawyer, Los Gatos, CA

“I closed a $20,000 and a $10,000 case this week after completing the case-acceptance training. I don't even have all my systems in place.”

— Dr. Ivan E. Terrero, Bonita Springs, FL

"What I have learned from you in this past year will never be taught in any ADA, AAID, ICOI, or AGD meetings. I was amazed to see that my implant & sedation cases were up 400% since I joined your Big Case Marketing program while my overall practice maintained itself in general routine cases. Mind you, this was in the midst of elections, recessions, Wall Street meltdowns, housing-market crashes, etc."

— Irfan Atcha D.D.S. NW Indiana & Chicago Downtown