full-arch cases helpHere is a fundamental truth that few implant dentists understand.

“The more you allow yourself and team to be helped, the more patients you and your team are allowed to help.”

When I analyze my top-performing doctors for full-arch cases who have been with us for more than a decade, they ALL have this same thing in common. Not only did they allow me and my team to help them so they could go on to help and heal more patients but THAT behavior of getting help has been a consistent aspect of their practice for decades.

“I get help for myself and my team and as a result my team and I help far more patients and my team and I benefit from all the things that flow out of helping those patients (e.g. professional and financial reward).

One of our doctors can attest to 35+ years of “help” from people like me. I feel blessed and am grateful that he put his faith in me at a “younger” age when I was just starting on this path to bcoe #1 leader of specialized advertising in dental implants. He got on the “James train” nearly 15 years ago because his 20 years of experience and ‘gut’ said, ‘This James guy knows his stuff.”.

No Risk, No Reward for Full-Arch Cases

Yes, he has paid a small fortune in advertising and consulting BUT he has reaped may many many multiples of that fortune in his own much bigger fortune. Routinely he has had a $4M-$5M/year solo practice because of his intelligent decision to allow himself to be helped.

Not only has he continued to do well with full-arch cases and in a market where every each year brings a new competitor, but he brought on an associate who then bought one of his two practices (for a small fortune) and most recently has sold his remaining practice to a DSO (again for another fortune) all of which would never have been likely without his willingness to invest and believe in this helping maxim.

The Importance of Self-Reliance

So, you can choose to avoid getting help and fool yourself into believing you can do it alone OR you can embrace this rule AND then move on to helping more patients AND having your dream implant practice.

My team and I have been HELPING and HEALING for 17+ YEARS and we are READY FOR YOU!

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P.S. The sad part about all those who stay stuck and refuse help offered for full-arch cases is that patients suffer needlessly! Don’t be in that category-especially if you are sitting one a tone of skills built over many years.

Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“Thanks to James and the Full Arch Program, we treat 1-2 full arch cases every week. I’m having the most fun ever in my long professional career!” ”
– Dr. Joe M., Virginia

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC