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When is the last time a patient wrote a check for $50,000 to your practice?

What about $25,000?

When I lecture in full-arch implant courses where All-on-4/X is taught, perhaps 1 out of 40 doctors in the room has seen a $50,000 check once or twice in his/her career which means 39 docs haven’t seen a check like that EVER!

AND… many of the 39 don’t believe it’s even possible!

The crazy part is that 100% of those docs sitting in that kind of room/course are there to learn techniques that cost as much OR MORE to the average patient they will soon discuss treatment with. Talk about a mental disconnect between training and what the reality is out in the business of full-arch implant cases!

They are learning a procedure that costs the same as an amazing motorcycle or a well made Japanese car. However, they have never taken a university level course that teaches sales process for the steps involved to deal with a service that can’t be test-driven for which the patient will pay as much as they would for that nice moto or car!

The Big Question

Now, if your answer to the “$50,000 question” is also ‘never or only a few times,’ I have very good news for you today on how you can see a lot more checks like this which we will get to in a minute.

If you step inside our membership, you will find every member seeing $50,000 checks.

BUT…go back in time a bit and those same members were like the 39 out of 40 docs who’ve never seen such a number on a check written to their practice.

So, what’s different from our member doctors versus the uninitiated in the lecture room…

The Full-Arch Program Difference

Well… our doctors CHOOSE to use a repeatable sales process taught to them as part of our advertising agency work so they are equipped to provide and guide their patients to a good treatment decision. In fact, without upgrading their abilities to MBA level, they would not be able to compete with the corporate or other independent competitors in their area.

While we are a specialty dental implant advertising agency, I realized early on as a clinician knowing my fellow clinicians, that to get the most returns on the advertising for our members, we had to step in and teach how to become a Trusted Patient Advisor and to hand each member a proven sales process built on a check-list for their cases.

We were doing this years before ClearChoice existed, and their success at sales reinforces the validity of what we teach to be successful past the proven All-on-X advertising we place and manage.

This business reality of needing:

  1. An excellent sales process,
  2. Sales follow-up,
  3. To be a Trusted Patient Advisor, and
  4.  To have good sales management routines in the practice

THE biggest detail after advertising that separates those who are clinically trained who get $50,000 checks every month (some weekly) from those who are clinically trained is this… and we wonder why we don’t have patients saying yes to even a $10,000 treatment plan!

It is not complicated nor rocket science to use a sales process of steps written on a checklist that followed with your patients who are deciding for or against your major implant treatment plans. Check-lists mean repetition and predictability which is why our process is taught in exactly that manner.

While it’s not rocket science, the small steps and details that take place along the way from the first time a patient calls your practice to the point where you present your treatment plan AND FEES are a HUGE deal.

Repeatable consistency in those steps (why we use a checklist) is also a very big deal for ongoing success and for maximum return on advertising dollars. Ultimately the steps not only matter financially but they matter with how many patients’ lives you transform with these amazing protocols!

You Deserve Better

If this is all new news to you that’s okay.

Dental schools ignore this critical aspect of BUSINESS and send their graduates out into the world woefully lacking in this area! We all share this same background and all can overcome this handicap given to us by our educations!

Knowing the important role sales process plays in our advertising success with these cases, from Day 1 I decided that training in ethical sales for the doctor and sales team in our member practices, would be a fundamental move that all of our members would have access to when working together.

In fact, this detail is one of many big things that separates us from everyone else helping dentists advertise for All-on-X implant cases.

We show our members how to be both ethical and a pro at how they walk patients through the deciding process with their care.

So, not only do we serve as an advertising agency for your full-arch / All-on-X cases so you meet your goal of arches per month or per week but we include MBA level sales process training. Without the later, you will have reduced success helping patients and be compensated LESS than what you deserve for your skills AND have less returns on your advertising investment.

Yes, you DESERVE $50,000 checks and we are here to help you see them routinely when we work together!

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Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“Thanks to the Full-Arch Program, even during the health crisis we’ve had a record quarter and a record $300K collection month. I only wish I had started with Big Case years earlier!”
– Dr. Bill L., North Carolina

“The Full-Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A., Charlotte, NC