all-on-x cases increaseWould you like to treat… THREE additional full arch All-on-X cases every month?

Or, how about just one or two additional full arch All-on-X cases each week?

These case goals are possible and happening right now throughout the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

The Three Rules

If you are a qualified clinician with implant restoring and surgical skills OR you are part of a surgical/restoring team based in the same office, NOW is the time to start seeing more All-on-X cases where you change patients’ lives dramatically on the day of surgery.

The direct path to these additional case volumes is only via direct-to-consumer advertising tied to an ethical sales process that at least matches ClearChoice.

  • The #1 rule to understand with All-on-X is: No advertising means No case flow
  • The #2 rule to understand is: No professional MBA level sales process means less return on investment and in some cases, no return for those who refuse to embrace sales..
  • The #3 rule is: the majority of busy implant practices treating All-on-X weekly and monthly have professionals running their advertising. Yes, they may have a “marketing coordinator” in the business but a professional agency is at work delivering the phone calls to create the ongoing supply of All-on-X cases.

You could take years of trial and error to attempt to land on the All-on-X advertising and sales process formula that works which of course also means no guarantee of success.

You could also take the shortcut to case flow and apply to be part of the largest global network of practices treating full arch implant All-on-X cases in our Full-Arch Program.

You could also have the basic case flow of three arches per month guaranteed as part of our work with you and your team.

A History of Success

Yes, as the #1 specialty dental implant advertising agency we do the advertising for your practice putting our 15+ years of experience to work delivering cases. We also provide an MBA-level sales process training that meets or exceeds all corporate competitors since return is so greatly affected by sales process steps.

Besides continuing with our Case Study series, in the coming eLetters, I’ll review what’s changed with the types of patients seeking out full arch implants and specifically All-on-X.

I’ll also be going into the dentist’s mindsets and behaviors (things I’ve been observing among our clients for more than 15 years). Mindset and behavior can create amazing implant practices and can also greatly limit very qualified clinicians from helping as many patients as they could.

The #1 reason doctors self-report why they like to treat the All-on-X patient is the speed of the life-changing transformation for the patient. Considering this level of reward, it makes sense to address what’s getting the way of cases for many clinicians so you can learn from their errors. The desire here even if you aren’t using our services is that you do help patients since, after all, I have a clinical background, which is unusual in this gig.

Be Safe, Be Smart, Be a Leader

I’ll leave you with one thought today…

There’s room in almost every clinical market area for one more practice to see one full arch All-on-X case every week (or at least 3 cases per month if you are a more relaxed type of clinician).

The question is: do you want to be THAT clinician?

Is it time for you to have THAT practice?

Would this be more fun and rewarding than the week you just had?

The first discussion is free. Our highest performers doing 100+ arches per year all started with the same free simple discussion.

Click here to have your one-on-one discussion about all of this with Dr. McAnally.

All-on-X Program Testimonials

“Thanks to James and the Full Arch Program, we treat a full arch case every week. I’m having the most fun ever in my long professional career!”
– Dr. Joe M. Virginia

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC