The Independent Dentist and The e-Myth

Independent dentist

 If you are an independent dentist and business owner you should read the e-myth?  Ever heard of the e-myth by Michael Gerber?

The majority of dentists would say they’ve never heard of it, never read it, don’t know who Gerber is.

Unfortunate.  Not only is the e-Myth book the 5th best selling business book of ALL TIME but it lays it out frankly and clearly why most small organizations, like dental practices, either thrive or struggle along in mediocre land.  If handed to every dental graduate, it would help them decide whether they should even consider being a practice owner and independent dentist.

FYI:  He even put out a version for physicians (the e-Myth Physician) which is quite adaptable to the dental practice.  Even fewer have likely read that book.

Some key concepts that he discusses critical to understand is the difference between the technician, “the doer,” and the business owner/independent dentist. Most dentists never get those 3 things unraveled correctly which ultimately results in a lot of failed and under-performing practices.

Probably the best news for the majority is that it’s okay to simply be the good technician dentist.  The catch is you must surround yourself with other specific kinds of people based on a conscious decision (as owner and independent dentist) on who those people look like, act like, and what their skills and capabilities are.  Chance doesn’t cut it with getting that step right.

Unfortunately, Gerber nor I have any sort of one single magic bullet to get your from struggle to top 5% or top 1% other than an ongoing search for and development of systems that run the 12 key areas of your business in a predictable manner over and over.

Historically and up until recently (great recession anyone?), in dentistry, we got to be really lazy with practice systems.  The dental insurance “scheme” made that possible.  You could be pretty sloppy with running the business, the marketing, and the sales system and get away with it and still live a pretty good life.

We’ve reached a breaking point in that old way of getting and staying prosperous.  Fewer middle class patients with “insurance” for the long term and “free money” (i.e. reimbursement) stuck forever.  Those who refuse to go beyond that old way of doing things can permanently plan to take whatever they can get from insurance and enjoy the side effects (more miserable existence, send their kids to lousy schools, fewer vacations, never retire… get the picture).

Whether it’s Michael Gerber or Dr. James McAnally here is the reality:  In the new dental economy, the winners will ALL use systems.

Now for those who’ve read the e-Myth.  I would love to hear what you DID inside your practice as a side effect of having read the book.

Another take home from this missive today is that change is afoot more than ever.  The independent dentist who can systematize handle change the best.  You can either let the change challenge you or threaten you.  Either way it is already happening.  It’s your choice.  You attitude toward it will either pave your way toward success or throw up a massive roadblock.

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