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Below is a testimonial from an independent dentist who is one of my program members and graduate.

He is one of the most qualified clinicians on planet earth.  Kois mentor, super skilled, ethical to the nth degree…..

If you’re taking tons of CE and aren’t running as fast as you can to our ethical selling program (The McAnally Selling System), your CE is nothing more than expensive hobby…..and as an independent dentist who is fighting the insurance tyrant you are losing out.

“The maximum case acceptance program has helped me to increase the number of big cases I treat! After spending years learning to treat complex interdisciplinary dental problems, I wanted to be able to implement what I had learned. The maximum case acceptance program from James McAnally helped me increase the number of those cases.

 It wasn’t easy implementing everything that this program has to offer but nothing of great value is easy. I spent almost a year going through the program. I learned exactly what to send in the information packet to the prospective patient when they call us, and how important it is to properly prepare the prospective patient for their 1st appointment.

 I learned how to have effective consultations with my patients. With the systems taught in this program and with staff training, I learned how to put together consultations and case reports with less time and energy. I learned the nuances of how to discuss treatment with new patients versus existing patients.  The McAnally Selling System is a complete system to help an ethical quality minded dentist increase case acceptance. I believe I have been able to help more dentally disabled patients achieve long-term oral health by implementing what was taught to me in this program.

The McAnally Selling System is a step-by-step system that is not a bunch of theory. It does not require you to memorize scripts or become a slick, fast talking salesman. It does not teach high-pressure techniques, or any form of manipulation. James has tested and improved his materials with the kind of dedication that you don’t see very often.

Saying yes to a large treatment plan involves a multi step buying process, and the multi step buying process requires a systematic approach! James unravels the mystery of explaining complex dental treatment plans in a way that a patient can fully understand and accept your finest care.

The case reports that are created to give to a patient set me apart in such a unique way that I almost welcome 2nd opinions.  I know that the other doctors will not present such a thorough understandable and professional approach to their dental needs.

James has done a great job with the McAnally Selling System coaching program!

Going through the program helped me focus on all of the facets of case acceptance from the 1st phone call to the completed treatment consult where the happy patient gladly gives you a wonderful testimonial.

Some of the most important concepts that I learned include:

1.      How to create a “BODY OF EVIDENCE” to send to the patient in order to prepare them for that 1st visit.

2.      I learned how to fix the problem I had of giving away my time and energy with free consultations that ran into too much of my time.

3.      I learned what was important to present to a patient, and I learned what things to avoid discussing.

4.      There is definitely a science to presenting large treatment plans and helping a patient truly understand what their dental problems are and what their options include.

5.       The program helped me eliminate the confusion that happens when a complex case is presented to a patient. This is important because when someone is confused, that person will not take action. They will not make a decision.

I believe that if a doctor is interested in doing complex case dentistry, he or she will benefit from the McAnally Selling System.  It will not happen without a solid commitment and a lot of work, but this program will prevent you from spinning your wheels and it will give you the tools you need to succeed.

 I recommend the McAnally Selling System to any dentist that is willing to put in the time and energy needed to create something of value for him or herself, for the patient, and for the practice.”

Dr. Scott R. California

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