Independent Dentist-Why you need Ethical Selling Dentistry Systems

Independent dentist

For today’s independent dentist, having a proven sales and marketing system in place is needed now more than ever before. While the economy is starting to show signs of life, the dental market remains forever changed following the “great recession.”  Most aren’t ready for the risk and opportunity.

BECAUSE, here’s what you are up against……..

  • Fundamentally, the middle class that traditionally bought dentistry is gutted.  Yes, the upper 20% of the affluent are still on top and gaining ground but the rest of the middle class can kiss their dentistry and standard of living good bye.  Even worse, if their kids happen to be born after 1984, their future is in the tank, and they can look forward to a lower standard of living compared to their parents.

While it’s easy to blame all this on government, political parties, or your pick of recent presidents, the truth of the matter is that globalization and flattening courtesy of the information age means that the rest of the world competes with the jobs that used to be secure and as a consequence predictably bought your services.  The same technology that drops the price of all kinds of dental devices also means that millions of other jobs and items are caught in a downward spiral to rock bottom pricing.  Many in dentistry are caught in that spiral.

  • Ultimately, for you as the dentist, this means the requirement to ever tighten down your focus on the 3-5 “silos” of business you wish to create in the practice be that C&B, implants, sedation, sleep medicine, cosmetics, perio, etc.
  • Additionally, all this results in the absolute need install a sales process that systematically qualifies those interacting with your practice both as existing patient and new patient.  [The Maximum Case Acceptance System is our solution to this problem and that System can also be the topic of our entire day together.]
  • Lastly, if you aren’t making yourself and your practice a “linchpin,” as Seth Godin would say, your future in dentistry will be challenging to say the least.  Being a “linchpin” means being indispensable, irreplaceable, and non-commoditizable.  The best way to become and stay a linchpin is to associate and hang-out with other independent dentist doing exactly the same at the McAnally Selling System.

While the ADA isn’t talking about any of this, we are at Big Case Marketing are not only discussing what’s afoot but we’re making sure you are equipped to handle whatever awaits for as long as they wish to be independent in practice.

While the truth of the matter is, from my business perspective, these days would be far better spent working on various new programs, books in progress, and materials for our members here at my program, I realize that some doctors want a once a year “mega-hit” of concepts and strategies and I can offer that too by contacting me here for a personal one day session.

If you are in that category then this kind of session is also just for you.

Who are the One Day Sessions for?

  1.  Successful doctors who can’t devote the time to commit to full membership in the Big Case Elite Program.
  2. Successful doctors already at a high achieving level in marketing and case acceptance and because of such, a day of “tweaking” will bring faster results.  These doctors seek an unfair advantage over their competitors.
  3. Successful doctors who are in markets that are already closed for new members in The Elite Program™ and who still wish to gain consulting access to Big Case strategies.
  4. Doctors in other Big Case Programs (Elite Doc’s Letter, Maximum Case Acceptance, Individual Marketing Programs)
  5. Doctors outside the North American Market wishing to gain insight on how to adapt the principles of Big Case Marketing to the nuances of their local area.  These one day sessions are also a perfect tie-in for those coming to the US from Commonwealth countries and Europe for training in the US.  You can take back the best of marketing, case acceptance, and behavioral data to use in your home country.

 And Here’s Who it is NOT for?

  1. Doctors incapable of altering foundational beliefs about marketing and sales in their practice.
  2. Doctors who are struggling financially and whose backs are already against the wall.
  3. Doctors who feel they “know it all” already.
  4. Doctors who aren’t willing to make changes in the non-clinical side of their practice.
  5. Doctors who lack basic practice management systems.

To avoid having the wrong doctor’s show up for the One Day Practice Maximizer™ an application is required.

What happens during a private consulting session?

Following acceptance, there is a list of practice statistics and details that your staff must provide related to your marketing, advertising, your competition, your case acceptance rates, as well as other pertinent items related to your application that may be helpful for your specific situation.

This thorough pre-Program H&P of your practice is taken to ensure that the areas that can be improved are focused on to leverage the results you get.

We also have a proprietary system of “Power Questions” that help evaluate your practice before the session. This protocol looks at you practice from the consumer’s perspective to identify areas you aren’t even aware of that are problematic with getting patients in the door and getting them to yes.

The practice marketing and case acceptance issues specific to your location and practice are also reviewed from top to bottom for the independent dentist.

Lastly, a custom plan of action is specifically drawn out for you to take back to your practice and apply immediately for more cases and more success.  In other words, you are given tools to go home and implement.

What’s the Financial Return?

Just one or two of the concepts discussed in the first hour related to case acceptance are guaranteed to return to you the investment made in this day.

My review of any internal or external marketing you bring to the table can return 10X the fee to you (Just ask Dr. Charles Barotz in Denver—yes the Dr. Barotz of ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures Fame).

If you are serious about continued success under the elective dental economy and staying an independent dentist, I’m serious about giving you what you need to make it happen.

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