For the Independent Dentist-Off Means OFF.

Independent dentist

The Independent Dentist as professionals and entrepreneurs are prone to think in terms of putting in lots of hours and never taking time off for a variety of reasons.

Did you know that efficiency rates drop dramatically after too many hours or days in a row occur in your work (especially in thinking jobs of which yours is!)?

One simply can’t keep up mentally or physically.  Bad decision making and errors proliferate.  There is an entire body of science behind this. I am a strong believer in devoting enough down time for my dentist members and myself and advise them as follows, especially if they are an independent dentist.

Do yourself a favor, work 3.5 very strong days, spend one day working 100% on the business of the practice, then take 2 full days off. (the last .5 is tidying up in order to get your two full days of rest in).

Combine this with getting the tools for ethical selling at fee’s appropriate to your care, skill, and judgment (if you’re lacking in those categories, get those fixed first THEN do what’s needed to be worth who you are!), and you have a good shot at maintaining a healthy pace of practice that can be sustained for a lifetime.

For you as a business owner and independent dentist… “OFF” means “OFF.”

The smartest dentists do not go into the office, do not think about work, and do not take work home when it is “off” time. Learn more from my book on Amazon which can help you streamline your practice for more time off and better patient case acceptance.  You can also visit my website where my dentist members have learned how to ethically sell and enjoy more downtime.

How smart are YOU?