The Independent Dentist and Marketing: Decisions Must be Made

Dental Practice Marketing

In today’s economy the independent dentist must have a serious dental practice marketing strategy and a proven sales system or he is going to sink in this downward spiraling economy.

Just what impact can better “selling” have on different practice models in today’s economy.

There’s little doubt that the world is permanently different following the recession. I’m working on a presentation for the AAID’s national meeting  and needless to say, part of the discussion will include these changing realities and how the independent dentist must change or close his doors.

The lesson for today:  While the world has changed and continues to do so, and a lot of practices are struggling with this fact, some practices are refusing to address it or seek solutions. Practices are refusing to make decisions on which practice model they are in. An independent dentist will either evolve into one that heavily promotes for and performs mostly fee for service cases, or a practice that moves into the single tooth “dollar store” commodity model. To avoid the dollar store model an ethical selling system is a must. The independent dentist should also look at what type of dentistry he/she enjoys the most and choose to advertise for that niche that they like the most. Go here to learn more.

Just be aware that no decision is also a decision in that it competitors and the whims of the market will decide for you.

Regardless of which model you choose, are choosing, or will wind up having chosen for you (see no decision above), the ability to ethically and confidently discuss treatment and to not shock or embarrass patients who can or can’t afford treatment in either model, is a big deal. As an independent dentist I chose to choose a model and developed my proven McAnally Selling System which helps my members enjoy what they do in their chosen niche and help more patients while doing larger cases.

Professional responsibility demands it.  Economics demand it even more so.   That same ability, regardless of model, ultimately translates into how successful one is economically, in BOTH models as an independent dentist.