A Look at an Elite Program Members’ Last Six Months of Business as an Independent Dentist

Independent dentist

Just got off the phone with one of our Elite Members who is an independent dentist.  All of  the below is without a fee increase, which he’ll do in the 2nd half of this year.

Here’s a snap shot of the last 6 months of my practice:

Billings January-June (6months) :

  • Total : 554K$ (2011) vs 494K$ (2010) – up 12%
  • Dr C. : 367K$ (2011) vs 339K$ (2010) – up 8%
  • Hygiene : 140K$ (2011) vs 130K$ (2010) – up 8%
  • Invisalign – Dr B.: 50K$ (2011) vs 26K$ (2010) up 92%*
  • Although the billing is up 12%, profits went up 56% from last year. Very nice…
  • Hired a great new receptionist from your automatic hiring System. She’s 53 and is from the PR industry. Many New Patients since she started working – avg. of 10NP per week.
  • Cosmetic research study program going well well.
  • I shot 14 videos (including 2 testimonials from patients, a welcome for the future CRP site and info capsules) – Dr B. shot 4 (including a welcome for the future referring dentist site)
  • I am now working with Jon at Smile-Vision for all my big cases. My patients and I are very impressed by everything he does. I can hardly imagine using anything else than the template technique for provisionals. That new association is a game-changer.
  • Still going through the Kois program. I completed # 4 and 5. I will complete next year.

The automatic hiring guide is available to anyone in the profession.  Participation in our Cosmetic Research Study Project is only available to Elite and active Elite alumni. Most of my program members are independent dentists and are thriving in this weakened economy. To see how they are going about their sales and marketing, check out my website.  They also have access to my niche marketing advertising tools and materials which helps them more cases that they like

Lastly, this Elite member independent dentist is at the chair 27 hours per week with the remaining time spent on business building activity.  THAT is today’s reality for those staying small and highly profitable.

Think about it…….do you want to be in the same shoes as this independent dentist ?

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