Independent Dentist and Liberty over Dental Insurance Tyranny

Independent dentist

As an independent dentist do you wonder why don’t more dentists already have Liberty over dental insurance?

For the most part it’s because they have never understood they actually have a choice to make in this matter.

Did you know that there are doctors practicing around you, who, at this very moment, are 100% free from the tyranny of discounted insurance contracts?  You and they both go to your practices each day and do the exact same clinical procedures.  You take a very big fee ‘haircut’ on the same stress of procedures while they set and get their fees without undue interference based on care, skill, and judgment, they do the dentistry they enjoy, and pay themselves and their staff more.  They do all this in a stealth-like fashion while 90% of all others in the area (you probably included) suffer under insurance dictated UCR contract fees.

So you are both an independent dentist ,what’s the difference?  How did they get there?  What do they do differently?

Well, the one single consistent and most important thing separating the two is a choice by the owner to fully commit to the statement that “I am going to fix how my team and I sell our services (aka your case presentation System) and in how we communicate everything about our services to the public and patients (aka your niche marketing).  Practices with the MOST liberty fully commit to using a System for selling versus leaving this crucial business activity all to random chance.  Practices that are the most TRYANNIZED leave selling to chance and as a consequence must simply take whatever the insurance company sends. My dental members have learned how to rise above the insurance game and help more patients to better dental help, while increasing revenue and getting larger cases accepted routinely.

Which sounds more appealing for your long-term future?

If you want to understand more of the differences between those practices with far more Liberty and those with servitude, you’ll find just that in my latest book available at Amazon.

If you are ready to actually DO something related to becoming more independent or ensuring you stay independent, we’re here to help. Just check out my website and I will help you be a more successful independent dentist.